BNS Therapy: a new, integrated CAM medicinal analysis

Considered and developed by Hans Reijnen, M.D. for Homeopathy and Bio-Information Therapy. Copyright 2008

BNS Therapy is a new model for investigation and treatment as a result of much experience within three main ways of treating in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).



1. Bioresonance (Bio Fysical Medicine and Bio Information Therapy)
The B of BNS is representing the world of Bioresonance- or Bio-Information Therapy. Within a quarter of an hour the patient will be screened for a lot of diseases, energetic loads and shortages of vitamins, minerals and track elements. In fact a bioresonance investigation is a form of aura reading. One of the big advantages of The BNS model is that all the diagnoses former or later on fit in the nomenclature of diagnosing in regular medicine.

2. Nosodes (and Isopathy in Homeopathy)
The N is representing the N of working with Nosodes (Classical Homeopathy) and Isopathic Remedies. You can treat every infectious disease very well with making use of the Homeopathic Nosode. Nosodes are homeopathic remedies made of
‘material of disease’ produced by patients. In case of Morbus Pfeiffer it is very welcome because there is no treatment in regular medicine, in case of Lyme’s Disease it is also very interesting because many patients keep on having complaints after a regular treatment. In BNS Therapy I very often use the potentised vaccines (homeopathic remedies made out of vaccines) because many High Sensitive Persons (HSP) are developing a so called Post Vaccination Syndrome (PVS), they are developing side effects after the ever growing number of vaccinations.

3. Substitution of shortages (Ortho Molecular Medicine)
The S of BNS Therapy stands for the S of Substitution. In western society there is a growing number of shortages of vitamins, minerals and track elements. Orthomolecular Medicine is specialized in tracing these shortages and substitute the lacking elements. You give high dosages of vitamins and they really act like medicines. It is not only going about lack of vitamins but also lack op hormones and enzymes. In case of Hypothyroidism, the function of the thyroid is too low, you will get a substitute for thyroid hormone. Much better it is when you succeed to restore thyroid function, something that in practice is not so easy. Much easier is it to restore exocrine pancreas function in case of an Exocrine Pancreas Insufficiency (EPI). Most of the substitutions are temporarily because in CAM the goal is to let disappear the underlying causes and to restore self healing powers.



BICOM 2000 - Regumed Germany


Short description of the procedure in BNS Therapy
The patient is sitting on a chair in normal clothes but delivered from all objects with an energetic load (jewelry, cellphone, electronic keys, etc.) in the investigation room which is also free from energetic disturbances. With a bioresonance device (I use BICOM 2000) a lot of subtle electromagnetic signals are being send to the patient with a plate that functions as a broadcasting furniture. With use of a biotensor you can do as much investigations as you want running through a hierarchical organized investigation scheme.




In this way there is a list set up of deviations from the standard:
o The functions of all the organ-systems.
o A summary of infectious diseases in the present and in the passed (viruses, bacteria, mycoses, parasites).
o Allergies.
o Existence of Post Vaccination Syndrome (PVS: side-effects of vaccins).
o Loads with heavy metals,
o Geopathic burdens (water veins, nature ray, elektrosmog)
o Intoxication by chemicals or drugs.
o Shortage of vitamins, mineral and trace elements.
o Hormonal deviations.
o Existence of Auto-immune disturbances.
o Existence of indication for treatment with different categories of homeopathic remedies.

Universal fysical loads and problems caused by our western civilization
Working with the BNS model has shown that a lot of chronic patients very often are loaded with some of the following problems:
1. Post Vaccination Syndrome (PVS).
2. Liver stones.
3. Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficience (EPI).
4. M. Addison-Biermer (shortage of vitamin B12).
5. Other Shortages of vitamins (vit.D, magnesium, HPU).


The treatment in the beginning is very often the same
The above mentioned diseases don’t exist in regular medicine or are unfortunately often not diagnosed even in practices for CAM. While solving these problems in my practice is leading to very good results for 90% of all my patients within half a year to one year. The treatment for very much patients is often very similar. Very often it starts with treating the PVS which is resulting in totally healing the allergies and, with it, the inclination to develop auto-immune diseases. By the substitution of vitamin B12 in the right forms (mostly oromucosal tablets) and/or by administering a substitute for the exocrine pancreatic enzymes some of the patients will be able to solve the problem of the liver stones by themselves. And when not I will give them a special treatment to reach this goal. Not seldom I have to supply other vitamins. Most of the patients are much better after two or three treatments with intervals of eight weeks.



The big advantages of the BNS Model
By directing my attention to these universal problems on a higher level there is no need to pay attention to all the problems on the floor. This treatment is restoring the self healing powers of the patient. I don’t have to treat the infectious agents, the heavy metals, the geopathic burden because the patient is solving these problems by him/herself. Of course, you can reach the same goal with prescribing the simillimum (classical homeopathy), but how often will you succeed in immediately finding the key? Moreover, it is very nice to know what exactly is the burden of the patient in general medicinal terms. When you heal a patient with a simillimum you will never know what you have been healing. Sometimes, in case of more severe infectious diseases, I also treat the patient very successful with Isopathic remedies (homeopathic or digital homeopathic) for example M.Lyme (Borrelia) or Q-fever (Coxiella).

Folluw-up treatments
After two or three treatments according to the universal tracks many patients have made a big improvement. Then the way is free for an individualized treatment with full attention to the personal causations, trauma’s and basic delusions, as we call that in classical homeopathy. Healing in natural medicine is much more than got ridden of all the complaints and symptoms. We only are content when the patient is able to completely come in his/her power and when he or she is able to do what he/she is longing for.

Hans Reijnen, M.D. for Homeopathy and Bio-Information Therapy


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