Mens Sana

Center of Integrative Medicine, Deurne, Netherlands

Mens Sana in corpore sano: a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body.

This is the motto of our Center coming from Juvenalis, a Roman poet, who in his time already expressed the inextricable unity of mind and body. We have chosen in 2001 a drawing of Leonardo da Vinci (Vitruvian man) as logo for our Center, because it is a study of the sacred geometry which you can find in the human body and everywhere in nature.

The Center has developed from and around the practice of Hans Reijnen, docter for Homeopathy (VHAN) and Bioresonance Therapy (ABB), who has been a general practitioner from 1984 to 1996. Since 1996 he totally focused on Classical Homeopathy and later on various other natural healing practices. Besides treating patients he is making efforts for sciences development and spreading Complemantary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in The Netherlands. He admires building bridges to regular Medicine.

Our website has two main goals:

At the one hand it will show the way for new clients who are willing to make a consultation. It contains a lot of information about CAM in general. You will also find information about various 'new' diseases which have been discovered in the world of homeopathy in The Netherlands or by Dr. Hans Reijnen himself.

At the other hand the site is developing as a database for professionals in Medical Health Care and Spiritual orientated Psychotherapy. Mens Sana is persistently looking for possibilities for a full integration of Health Care and wellfare offer.

 Attendees of The International Symposium about Vitamin B12 in Nancy (Fr.) on 20, 21 and 22 of september 2012 and other interested people can push this button for more information about the Publicity Campaign: Every Chronic Patient a B12 Suspect?

On the 7th of may 2013 we placed an article about 'Vitamin B12 as homeopathic remedy' on this site. Push this button to go to the concerning page. It is an updated version of an article that was published in SSC (Similia Similibus Curentur, the Dutch Magazine for Homeopathic doctors in Holland and Belgium) in 2012, written by Hans Reijnen, M.D.

On our website you can find permanently several pictures of works of art of Andy Goldsworthy, a famous English artist, who made plenty of objects of pure natural materials placed in nature. Moreover our website will be graced by pictures of works of locoregional artists which have somehow a strong connection with nature. At this moment they are Karin Toma and Marja Nijskens. For more information about the artists, click here.

A Collage of works of art of Andy Goldsworthy


Besides this homepage in English you can find a Publication about B12 Deficiency and a Description of BNS Therapy, considered and developed by Hans Reijnen, M.D. All the other pages are under construction. On the page News: you will find information about the Congress: B12 Integrated, Cobalamine4All, on the 28th of may 2010 in The Netherlands.

In january 2011 Dr Hans Reijnen wrote an article about BNS Homeopathy - Homeopathy 2012: a bordermoving discovery: the potentisation of antimatter.

The English version of this website is under construction. Please be welcome again soon.