News: Congress B12 Integrated

B12 Integrated

VitOrtho in coöperation with Drs. Hans Reijnen has organised the Congress: B12 Integrated about the forgotten disease M. Addison-Biermer on Friday the 28th of May 2010.

There are important indications that the number of patients with vit.B12 deficiency is many times bigger than generally is accepted while this disease often has a slow and certainly devastating and invalidating effect on the patient.

Painting by Karin Toma, representing the themes of vit.B12

• Drs. Hans Reijnen (Netherlands, Dutch spoken and translated in English), has been a general practitioner for eleven years and now is practicing classical homeopathy and orthomolecular medicine for the last twenty years. Four years ago he introduced Bioresonance Therapy in his practice. Since that time the results of his treatments improved a lot and he designed and developed a new integrated model for investigation and treatment which he called BNS Therapy. B12 deficiency is playing a dominant role in this concept. Hans Reijnen will present the results of an extensive observational analysis of 540 patients with B12 deficiency in a period of two years. He will inform you about new facts concerning the diagnosis, the causes and the symptomatology of this disease. He will also present a new protocol for the treatment. Moreover he will introduce six new homeopathic remedies made of vitamin B12. They appear to be very strong working in existentialistic, psychological problems which are often occurring to patients with B12 deficiency. He discovered that (almost) all the people with a vanishing twin become B12 deficiency.

• Mrs. S.M. Pacholok, emergency room nurse (USA, English spoken) co-author of the book: ‘Could it be B12!?, an epidemic of misdiagnoses’ together with her husband Mr. J.J. Stuart, D.O. The couple is leading an awareness campaign for B12 since 2005 with the purpose to get the disease diagnosed in a much earlier stage. They show that the disease has more forms of presentation than the two old, classical pictures of pernicious anaemia and subacute combined degeneration.

• Mr. J. Chandy, general practitioner, Shinwell Medical Centre, Co Durham, (UK, English spoken) is performing an extensive retrospective study of the effects of the substitution of vit.B12 with serumrates lower than 300 pmol/L with or without anaemia or macrocytosis. He is going to report about his insights after the treatment of more than 700 of patients with B12 deficiency.

• Dr.Drs. N. Westerman, former g.p, now doctor for (electro)acupuncture and biophysical medicine (Netherlands, Dutch spoken and translated in English), wrote under others the book: ‘Bio-Energy, the potency of not regular medicine’. Biological electromagnetism forms the physical basis of the concept of Bio-Energy in the world of CAM. He is going to speak about the role of vit.B12 from a systemically and natural healers (biophysically) perspective.

• Mr. A.R. Austermann, psychologist and naturopath, (Germany, German spoken) and author (together with his wife Mrs. B. Austermann, paedagoge) of the book: ‘drama in the womb, the vanishing twin’. This book shows, that if you had are part of a vanishing twin this often leads to feelings of isolation, feelings of guilt and an unfulfillable desire to reunion. The couple is treating this trauma of loss with special group seminars (family placings, regressions, visualisations).

The costs for participation (for doctors, healers, politicians, managers and journalists) for presubscribing is €110,00 (biological lunch included). The mormal rate after the first of April 2010 is €135,00.

Programme B12 Integrated

9:00 – 9:30   Reception

09.30- 09.40  Opening by the day chairman.

9:40 – 09.50  Drs. H. Reijnen, doctor: Introduction B12 Integrated.

09.50 – 10.30 Mrs. S. Pacholok, intensive room nurse, USA: M. Addison-Biermer:

Vit. B12 deficiency, epidemic of misdiagnoses (English spoken)

10:30 – 11.00 Pause

11.00 – 11.40 Dr. J. Chandy, GP, UK: You have given me my life back (English
11:40 – 12:10  Dr. Drs. N. Westerman, doctor, B12 Integrated: the central role of B12 from a systemical perspective.
12.10 – 12.30  Questions and discussion

12:30  - 13:30 Lunch Pause

13:30- 14:30  Drs. H. Reijnen, doctor, The results of an observational analysis  of 540 patients in a period of two years resulting in a new protocol for treatment.

14:30- 15:15  Dhr. A.R. Austermann, psychologist, Germany, The drama in the
                    Womb, vanishing twin (German spoken).
15:15 – 15:45 Pause

15:45 – 16:30  Drs. H. Reijnen, doctor, six new homeopathic remedies 
                      Made of vitamin B12 (theme: the right to be there).

16:30 – 17:00  Questions and Discussion

17:00              Closing off


You can subscribe for the congress by calling VitOrtho in the Netherlands:

0031 703010703