In Memoriam Tinus Smits

Redirected Foreword of the recently edited book:
Autism, Beyond Despair, Cease Therapy
Homeopathy has the answers

As a consequence of the efforts of Tinus opening up new horizons, we have arrived at the point in the World of Complementary an Alternative Medicine (CAM) where our treatments are no longer the privilege of a small minority of ‘enlightened’ consumers of health care who have given preference over the decades to be treated by a homeopath or acupuncturist. Through the positive results of alternative practitioners over many years the CAM world has built up a small but solid position in the general health care of Holland. But at the same time these results were not so firmly established and visible to the general public that CAM could grow steadily throughout the years. More often it has felt like rowing against the current. But years of Tinus’ careful observations in his own practice may have changed all this.

Integrative manner of thinking and treating

Tinus has succeeded in combining some of the most effective methods of treatment available in different forms of natural medicine in a way that the overall results have increased and are applicable to the broad spectrum of patients. This had led to astonishing results. His integrative manner of thinking and treating has become an example for different professional organizations practicing natural medicine. His integrative method of treatment arose from his broad knowledge of alternative medicine, his development of a kind of natural instinct during the intensive complementary treatment of patients with cancer (Non-Toxic Tumor Therapy), his thorough knowledge of and experience with homeopathy and his extended experience and successful treatment of many patients suffering form all kinds of other diseases like allergies, chronic fatigue, degenerative diseases, depressions, emotional instability, etc; he improved, step by step, his practical conception of healing.

Smitsian Medicine

The integrated treatment of Tinus, which I have come to call ‘Smitsian medicine’, includes much more than just homeopathy. Because of its integrated character and remarkable effectiveness, his method deserves much greater attention. He is focusing his treatment now on autism because the results for this category of aptients can be classified as spectacular. But his treatment is in my opinion (and personal experience) highly appropriate for patients with a vaste range of chronic complaints.

Tinus direct his very precise interviewing technique combined with a great intuition at the gathering of all the information about the damaging elements (causes) in the patient’s anamnesis. Then he resolves these causes step by step, using the causative factors as homeopathic remedies in different potencies to clear the symptoms or disease with which they are connected. This technique is called Isotherapy. Tinus himself speaks of the clearance of various ‘imprints’, a term which fits perfectly with the newly emerging approach of bioinformatics therapy.


Tinus was a real researcher

Tinus was for me a role model because he was a real researcher, not in its pure scientific sense, but as a practical physician. He investigates everything that might contribute in a natural way to the healing of his patients and if it is found to be effective and efficient, it gets a place in his protocol of treatment. This approach in pilot studies where the number of patients is over 50 should be applied more often to help medical science to progress. He is passionate to reveal the deeper causations of our common Western diseases not neglecting the emotional and mental implications of every patient that is under his treatment.

Tinus is a genuine Physician and a real holistic thinker, as much a psychologist as a physician. Once he get his teeth in a case he does not let go. He not only wants to heal, but considers it his sacred duty; whoever heals is right, says an old adage in the medical world. He knows that many of the diseases around us are unnecessary if the knowledge he has gathered would only be put into practice. His battle against ignorance sometimes resembles the battle of David against Goliath (not withstanding the fact that at 6 foot 5, Tinus is not such a small guy). It is a daunting task to tackle the official and sacrosanct vaccination program. But tackled it he has and in doing so he has faced personal and professional jeopardy. Nevertheless, Tinus shows a great compassion for suffering human beings and dedicates himself selflessly to this noble goal. He has worked one month out of every year for the last 15 years on a homeopathic project in Nepal, teaching homeopathic health assistants and supervising homeopathic doctors.

Tinus was a very inspiring teacher

He is also a talented teacher for many of his homeopathic colleagues all over the world. Tinus has high expectations of himself, but also of his colleagues. He has a strong Hahnemannian attitude, saying: make it like I do, but do it exactly like me, otherwise you will not get the same results. Perhaps this is exactly the quality you need to achieve what he has done, the ability to open up new horizons. He first did that for already existing homeopathic remedies like Cuprum metallicum and Carcinosinum, Saccharum officinale and others. Later he developed a number of new homeopathic remedies like Carcinosinum Cum Cuprum, Lac maternum and Vernix caseosa. And likewise he used this same tenacity with his systematic Isopathic approach of the Post Vaccination Syndrome, with the development of his Inspiring Homeopathy, with the integral and homeopathic treatment of cancer patients with Non-Toxic Tumor Therapy and, last but not least, by his successful engagement in the fast growing problem of autism.


Cease: treatment protocol for autism

His treatment protocol for autism can successfully be used by every homeopath with a good basic knowledge and experience of homeopathy. His therapy is practical and can be mastered easily during a five days intensive training. As a result of his publications and teachings, many homeopaths have broadened their therapeutic skills with orthomolecular treatments and food interventions, which can be successfully used along with homeopathy. Conversely, a growing number of naturopaths make the step to homeopathy to be able to treat their patients on a deeper energetic level. For some therapists this step to a more integral way of treatment, as Tinus has taught, can be a big leap, but it can improve enormously their healing potential. This gives energetic medicine a more solid position in primary health care and it enables the holistic therapist to reach the level of a specialist. At the same time the development of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in the Netherlands and everywhere in the world gains credibility.

The interconnection between matter, energy and information

Tinus had a huge number of enthusiastic patients under his treatment, who have chosen energetic and holistic healing as their preferred medicine. Isn’t it the right time for a shift in paradigms. Under the paradigms of this moment one is looking to a living organism as a materialistic defined mechanism. This way of looking excludes the energetic field of information. While every proper reasoning human being can argue and experience this level which had been demonstrated in different scientific disciplines such as biophysics and bio-cybernetics: the interconnection between matter, energy and information. (L. de Broglie (1892-1987) and C.F. von Weizsäcker (1912-2007)). Light and matter both show the characteristic potency of localisation of particles as well as the for waves characteristic phenomenons of interference.

All life is vibration and every disturbance has its own frequency. The central idea is that every pathogenic organism, every heavy metal, every toxin o disease makes imprints in the energetic system of the organism, as Tinus shows clearly in this book. The chronic problems that many people suffer from, just ask for a deeper, integral healing from inside which has now become increasingly more available in alternative medicine.


 List of Achievements of Tinus Smits

o The first large performance of Tinus Smits (together with Peter Guinee) was the introduction in the homeopathic world that the Post Vaccination Syndrome (PVS) is a huge problem and the introduction of the thorough Isopathic treatment by using the potentised vaccines in climbing K-potencies. This way of treating is still more spreading with in general very good results.

Publications in the Homeopathic Links:
o He published an article (in Homeopathic Links 2/92) about his understanding of the mental picture of Cuprum metallicum. He got two prices for this article: one from the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica internationalis for the best article on homoeopathy in 1992 and the second a first award in the category of Materia Medica from the National Board of Homoeopathic Examiners USA.
o The picture of Carcinosinum (Carcinosinum, cancer, a deeper understanding) has been published in the Homoeopathic Links 1/98.
o The picture of Saccharum officinale (Saccharum officinale, the magic sugar) has been published in the Homoeopathic Links 3/95 .
o The picture of Lac maternum (Lac maternum and mother earth) has been published in the Milennium issue of the Homoeopathic Links 1/00

A new way of thinking in Classical Homeopathy

o Out of the collection of these remedies and some others (Rhus toxicodendron, Anacardium orientale, Hydrogenium and Vernix caseosa) Tinus conceived and developed his method of Process homeopathy which he called Inspiring Homeopathy. In this method he treated many patients for, what he called, seven universal layers concerning seven universal existentialistic themes:
1. Lack of selfconfidence
2. Affective problems (self love)
3. Incarnation problems
4. Lack of boundaries
5. Old traumas
6. Guilt
7. Duality
Using the method of Inspiring Homeopathy you are able to help the patient further where a well chosen remedy, according to the rules of classical homeopathy on the individual layer, fails to work any longer after a successful period.
Happily Tinus has trained tens of homeopaths from all over the world in this method.

Strong impuls for Non-Toxic Tumor Therapy

o Before Tinus was becoming engaged with autism he has been working for 10-15 years with Non-Toxic Tumor Therapy. He has treated hundreds and hundreds of patients often with astonishing results. He was a great source of inspiration for an organization for doctors in Holland in this field (ANTTT). He has given several trainings for colleagues in Holland.

Tinus worked every year a month in Nepal (pro-deo)

Stichting Homeopathie Nepal

Friends of Homeopathy Nepal
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In the beginning of 2010 Tinus Smits has received a medal of honour from the VHAN, the organization for Doctors for Homeopathy in the Netherlands for all his achievements.

Hans Reijnen, doctor for homeopathy and bioinformatics therapy. 20-04-2010

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