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The beginning of a new era in Vibrational Medicine!?

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The potentisation of antimatter

Based on the Tiller-Einstein Model 

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From the Newtonian era to the Einsteinian era

In regular medicine we use to cure with material remedies, chemical substances. We do this because we really believe that they only are working when they contain real molecules. Thinking and acting in this way is living in the Newtonian era. In Homeopathy we are trying to heal with so called potentised remedies: matter is diluted and shaken (dynamisation). These remedies are so often diluted that at last the remedy is no longer containing any molecule of the original substance. And yet these remedies appear to have a real effect out of the existence of a so called ‘electromagnetic shadow’ on the bearer matter. This is a very subtle electromagnetic signal. I think that the process of dynamisation is giving a result that is similar to what is usual in Bio resonance Therapy when we are making use of the mirror frequencies of a substance. Let’s give an example: You can heal someone’s allergy for cow’s milk  by giving the patient potentised cow’s milk (the homeopathic remedy made out of cow’s milk): Lac defloratum 30K, 200K, MK en 10MK. In Bio Resonance Therapy we are able to solve this problem by rendering the patient mirror frequencies of cow’s milk. Cow’s milk has a fixed frequency pattern (A in the scheme above), we treat the patient with the same frequency pattern but then the inversed pattern (Ai in the scheme). All the homeopathic remedies and this sort of bio resonance treatments does not contain a single molecule, but they have a certain energetic healing stimulus. They contain an electromagnetic signal, you could say a unique line code. This way of healing is called vibrational medicine: working with immaterial remedies, but in real its better to speak of subtle-material treatments (etheric or astral). In CAM we are working with the consequences of the theory of relativity from Einstein: matter and energy are fully exchangeable. In this way natural healing is making big steps in the Einsteinian era.

Vibrational medicine until 2008
I already treated many patients for the side-effects of the vaccinations (Post Vaccination Syndrome) during twelve years by giving them the potentised vaccines in the series of K-potencies (30K, 200K, MK and 10MK) with very good results in general. It was about two years ago that I observed that the usual series were no longer sufficient. At first also a 50MK was needed to complete the cure, later followed by the 100MK. Still later I needed higher potencies which also had to be defined in a different way. I started working with radiofrequencies, followed by röntgen frequencies, radioactive frequencies and at the end I even needed cosmic frequencies. With this I came at the end of the total electromagnetic frequency spectrum. In the meanwhile I didn’t understand how it was possible that I had to give a continued follow-up for the same problem (curing the PVS), to hold up the results of the treatment at that time. This was often very frustrating for the patient, and of course also for me, but every time I was also ‘glad’ that I was able to cure the exacerbation of the allergic complaints. I did not realise at that time that this all was leading to a great discovery at the end.

At the beginning of 2011: a great border moving discovery: the shift of matter.
At the end of 2010 I reached a point where I needed new frequencies which fell out of the normal electromagnetic frequency spectrum. That was a very peculiar to me because, how could I find new frequencies when they don’t fit in the normal spectrum. Semi intuitively I discovered that I could define the new frequencies in a unity called Orbs instead of Herz (Hz), the unity in the normal spectrum.  I even used them before exactly understanding what I was doing. After a short time I came across a new keyword: MIRROR MATTER (also called anti matter). When I jumped into this new item in fysics I came in a strong stream acceleration. Now I realise that the continuous changing of the needed frequencies of the last two years had a direct relation with the phase of transition of planet earth and the whole mankind, which is going on. The transition from the era op Pisces into the era of Aquarius. The last years the suspicion that the magnetic field of the earth is preparing for a shift of the two poles, this appears to happen once in 29.600 years. The positiveness of the North pole will change to negativeness and the negativeness of the South pole will change into positiveness. This should appear to be a great catastrophe for the earth and her inhabitants if it was not the case that NASA is reporting about the fact that the earth magnetic field is weakening all the time the last years. The magnetic shift will be much less intervening if the field is much weaker than when the “battery” is full of charge. The weakening of the battery has of course increasing negative influences on the whole atmosphere, as we already can observe. We all know the news messages about groups of dolphins or whales which lose their way and are falling dry on the beaches and cannot survive this. Very recently (januari 2011) we heard about great rates of birds that are crashing on the ground on various places on earth. Isn’t it very probable that they lost their function of radar which resulted in a mistaken direction of flying. They chose the direction down instead of up and they crashed on the ground with the whole group. A few decennia we have been working very effectively with the K-potency series, there followed a period of two years in which the needed frequencies were getting higher and higher and now promptly jump into the anti-K potency series.


Karin Toma Painting

A process of complete shifting of polarity (pole shift) and the necessity of potentised anti-matter (mirror matter).

Potentisation of antimatter by making use of a bioresonance device

At the end of this journey I concluded that everything is changing, that there is a huge process of a complete shifting of polarity. So, everything that is living on this earth, total mankind included, has to rearrange after this. Also the polarity of the fysical body of man is going to switch. And out of this all the remedies (regular and homeopathic) has to be switched in polarity. I think that this switching process can be an explanation for the increasing insensiibility of bacteria for antibiotics. And in the same way I got the same suspicion that also the effectivity of the usual homeopathic remedies in the nearby future will lessen or disappear for all those patients who are making the first steps to come down on the ‘new earth’. This is what I already observe in my own practice. I already see many patients who need new homeopathic remedies which are almost the same as before. They have to be made of antimatter instead of matter, the remedies have to be switched in polarity.

Concrete this means: homeopathic remedies which have been working very well doesn’t work any longer, because they have to be switched in polarity.

I already have started for a lot of patients with the so-called anti-K potencies of the same remedies as before but then not made of matter but of antimatter. Antimatter is just the same as matter but what you see is a mirrorpicture: the nucleus is negative (antiproton instead of proton) and the electron is positive (positron instead of electron).

Picture made by NSF (National Science Foundation)

Arlington, Virginia, USA

At this moment in real it is impossible to potentise antimatter in the homeopathic farmacy but in the world of Bioresonance therapy it is possible!! With a bioresonance device I am already supplying a lot of patients these new homeopathic remedies, you should better call them: digital homeopathic remedies.

It may be clear that mankind is involved in a mega transformation process: definitely not only in a fysical way but also in mental-emotional aspects. Mankind is probably going to make a quantum jump upwards by evaluating from a life and a world dominated by the solar plexus to a new world order which is going to be lived out of the heart chakra. Is it possible that we are standing in front of the eve of a new era which is no longer fixed by money and power but by love?

Post scriptum: I already made this whole voyage of discovery before I was wondering if somebody on earth had the same ideas? And yes, I am definitely not the first one: after writing the words 'potentised antimatter' I discovered that the famous homeopathic docter Misha Norland from the UK in 2001 already did a prooving with potentised antimatter. I ordered the reportings of this prooving to go on with my study.

Hans Reijnen, MD, docter for Homeopathy and Bioresonance Therapy

Mens Sana COPYRIGHT 2011

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