Potentised vitamin B12

 Vitamin B12 as homeopathic remedy

Since I discovered what a magnificent substance vitamin B12 is, I started to potentise all the different forms of this vitamin: a homeopathic treatment with one or more kinds of potentised vitamin B12 (homeopathic medicines made of different forms of vitamin B12). For me as a homeopathic doctor the treatment of the vitamin B12 problem does not mean solely the supplementation of vitamin B12. Most of the patients who visit me, also have an indication for a homeopathic treatment with the new homeopathic medicinal products of vitamin B12, which I developed by myself.
The psycho-energetic themes and essence of vitamin B12
In the beginning I had no idea yet of the psycho-energetic theme(s) and essence that are connected to potentised vitamin B12. The book (in Dutch) of Truus Hartsink and André Schaap: `Vitamins and minerals, mirrors of the soul, part 1 (it has been published in 4 parts), gave me an excellent start for
exploring the core themes of this particular vitamin. In this book I almost instantly noticed the central words ‘right of existence’. In this book you will find two symbols for vitamin B12: The Ceres symbol and the Tarot card no 12. Through the Tarot card no. 12: the hanged man, I realized that vitamin B12 in humans might also be (partly) responsible for our spiritual qualities.