Vitamin B12 Deficiency

This Page is developed for attendees of The International Symposium about vitamin B12 in Nancy (Fr.) on the 20th, 21th and the 22th of september 2012 and other interested people.

Epidemic of Misdiagnoses: Every Chronic Patient a B12 Suspect?

Morbus Addison Biermer


10% of all people?
25% of all people of 60 and older?
58% of all geriatric patients?

Besides the two classical manifestation: pernicious anaemia & combined Sub-acute Combined Degeneration from of old well-known psychiatric (psychosis) en gynaecologic symptoms (sub-fertility and miscarriages), this seriously threatening and invalidating illness shows various different faces:
• Chronic fatigue- and pain syndromes
• An increase of allergies and auto-immune diseases
• ALS, MS,CIPD and other misunderstood poly-neuropathies
• Parkinson like manifestations
• Increasing disorders of cognitive functions
• ADHD, PPD-NOS, autism
• Misunderstood developmental disorders, amongst which demyelinating in the central nervous system
• Failing defence (recurrent infectious diseases, including osteomyelitis)
• Mouth ulcers, gum disease, loss of hair, splitting nails
• Depressions, fear disorders, aggression regulation disorders (de-personalisation)
• Dementia

In may 2010 I’ve organised a congress ‘B12 integral – Cobalamin4all’ with international speakers (amongst others Sally Pacholok, USA, author of the book ‘Could it be B12?, Epidemic of misdiagnoses’; Dr. J. Chandy, G.P. in UK. Both been engaged for more than 30 years of bringing this forgotten illness under the attention of others.)
Conclusion  of the speakers at the congress (Pacholok, Chandy, Westerman and myself): you may/must suspect every patient with chronic complaints of a B12 deficiency.

Pitfalls for diagnosis:
• Ignorance
(the Forgotten Illness: 30 years ago 30 pages in the ‘Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine’ about this disease, now only 2!) This is a quote ofDr.Chandy on the Congress B12 Integrated in the Neteherlands in 2010.
• Too low normal values of B12 in the blood. The blood count has to be higher than 350 pmol/L.
• Content of B12 in the blood not very reliable, measurement of content at cell- or tissue level is not yet possible
• Folic Acid pitfall: in case of too high level of folic acid content in the blood, the value of B12 is totally unreliable
• Macrocytosis (too large red blood cells) is indicative, definitely not obligatory
• Heightened Homocysteine (HC) is proving, definitely not obligatory
• Heightened Methylmalonic  Acid (MMA) is proving, definitely not obligatory


Nowadays Hydroxocobalamin injections are standardly given in the Netherlands (Cyanocobalamin injections in Belgium) according to the usual dosage scheme. Most patient’s situation will improve in a certain way, but the improvement usually is not permanent and quite often the patients themselves ask for more injections. This is caused by the fact that in my practise almost all of my patients aren’t able anymore to fix a methylation and adenosylation. The hydroxyl group has to be replaced by the patient themselves by a methyl group and a adenosyl group. However, should the patient be able to do this, the hydroxyl group will release easily to make place for the other two groups.
About Cyanocobalamin it is well known that the cyanide group is knit very closely to the cobalamin, so it is prevented to release easily.  This fact is used in IC’s in case of a cyanid poisoning: it is treated by injecting high doses of Hydroxocobalamin.  The hydroxyl group releases easily and is replaced by cyanid molecules that attach well to the cobalamin, they don’t release anymore and the Cyanocobalamin is quickly excreted by the kidneys.

The improvement is much more effective when the patient will get administered Methylcobalamin and Adenosycobalamin (the two effective end metabolites of B12) in combination with Folium Acid.

It’s possible to give this parenteral. It also can be administered by oromucosal tablets as it has been usually done in Sweden and Canada for over 30 years. This also was proved by the extensive observational analysis I’ve made over 540 patients during 2 years.  All in all I’ve treated over 5000 patients during 6 years with this regime and with very good results. It is my experience that blood essays during B12 suppletion have no single value.  They will be rising almost always more or less, but they hardly will tell anything about reaching all final organs. I treat patients for the single purpose to see all vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms vanish. Untill now we know not any risk of too high levels of B12 and Folic Acid in the blood. The suppletion, even in high doses, is completely harmless.

Disclaimer: I don't pretend, that the new facts that I gathered about this disease, have a scientific base. They can be seen as important prescientific data which possibly can change the future of all the B12 patients.


Quantities plan:

Therapeutic quantity

Methylcobalamine      3000 mcg/day

Adenosylcobalamine   3000 mcg/day

Folic Acid                       1600 mcg/day

Supplete these quantities at least during three months

Maintenance quantity for severe patients

Methylcobalamin       1000 mcg/day

Adenosylcobalamin    1000 mcg/day

Folic Acid                      1600 mcg/day

Supplete these quantities during one year


This is the link to an article about B12 Deficiency that Hans Reijnen published in SSC (Similia Similibus Curentur) The Dutch Magazine for Docters for Homeopathy in 2009.

Hans Reijnen, M.D. for Homeopathy an d Bio-Information Therapy