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M.Addison-Biermer: vitamin B12 Deficiency

Could it Be B12?

An epidemic of misdiagnoses


Do you also have complaints of the later mentioned listing:

Chronic Fatigue - tingling in the hands and/or feet - burning tongue - hairloss - twitching of the muscles - memory loss - concentration weakness - bad appetite with loss of bodyweight - weakness of the immune system: recurrent infections - allergies - dim vision - disturbance of the sensibility and/or weakness of limbs - depression - psychose - etc.

And did you have in the past an anemia that was hard to treat (whether or not during pregnancy) or did you have miscariages? Or are you somewhat elder and did you have a cerebrovascular accident of the heart or the brains, was there an embolia or Parkinson like complaints? Then it is possible that you have M. Addison-Biermer, that you have a vitamin B12 deficiency. Because we can't make vit.B12 by ourselves we have to take it up from our daily food, only animal food is containing vit.B12: meat, fish, milk and eggs.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is a disease that for long times is known in two callsical forms:

1: Pernicious Anemia, a so called macrocytic anemia not caused by a lack of iron but by a vit.B12 deficinency.

2: Sub-acute Combined Degeneration, a severe neurologic disorder with damage of the neurons by demyelinisation.

After four years of diagnosing and treating hundreds of patients with B12 deficiency I think that those two classical forms of B12 deficiency are the so called tip of the iceberg. There are so many more syndromes on the basis of B12 deficiency which at this moment not are diagnosed.


The following is the translation of an article in Similia Similibus Curentur (SSC), a Dutch journal for doctors for Homeopathy, written by Dr. Hans Reijnen. It is somewhat redirected.


M. Addison- Biermer: vitamin B12 deficiency
The disease
M. Addison-Biermer, a lack of vitamin B12, is a disease that occurs far more often than we know now. Traditionally, the disease is well known in the form of two different clinical images: Pernicious Anaemia and Sub-acute Combined Degeneration. However, the disease shows much more different forms then the two classical images, there is a variety of complaints caused by a B12 deficit. There is still not (enough) awareness for these different forms:
Chronic fatigue – pins and needles in the hands and/or feet – swollen beefy tongue – hair loss – twitching (muscle vibrations) – amnesia – weakness, poor concentration –indigestion with weight loss- comprehensibility- allergies – fuzziness – and others complaints
Was there in the past 1 or 2 x a difficulty to deal with anaemia, during pregnancy or a few times a miscarriage? Or are you a somewhat elder person and you had to deal with a sudden heart attack without omens, a few times a stroke (POL) or a emboli or Parkinson complaints? Then think of a vitamin B12 deficiency.
Because we cannot make Vitamin B12 ourselves we need to take it in through our food, it is only in animal food: milk, meat, fish, and eggs. Therefore, vegetarians and vegans have a bigger chance at a B12 deficiency by not enough supply. For vitamin B12 absorption from the bowel to the blood we need to have functioning parietal cells in the stomach and a small protein, called the intrinsic factor, that is produced by the parietal cells.
At the end of 2006, I discovered a Dutch Website of a Mr. Hindrik de Jong in Groningen, whose wife has M. Addison- Biermer and with whom the diagnosis made was very late therefore the damage to the nervous system was quite severe. This led him to study all aspects about this disease and he started his website to get a much greater awareness of this disease , because too often doctors are unfamiliar with the more early symptoms of M.Addison-Biermer. Since he is not a doctor, it is perhaps more difficult for him, to get attention for his appeal, in particular on the side of doctors. He has no complaints about the interest of the public for his website.

Overtaken Normal values of B12
In December 2005 an article was published in the NTvG, the Dutch Lancet you could say, in which there was a plea to fine-tune the normal rates that are used in vitamin B12 blood provisions. The lower limit was at 140 pmol/ L and a number of internists advocate that 200 pmol L/ is a better bottom, while Hindrik de Jong claims that 300 pmol/ L is even better. With this knowledge, I started at the beginning of 2007 to actively trace patients with Vit. B12 deficiency, and until January 2009 I have dealt with in 540 patients. In the first 50 patients I did, in addition to the bio resonance measurement regular blood tests.
I counted B12, Folic acid, the homocysteine levels (HC) and methyl malonic acid (MMA), as in the levels recommended in the article in the NTvG. 
My conclusions on diagnostics
o I can fully support the assumption of Hindrik de Jong, that 300 pmol/ L is a better value to use as a lower limit for B12 in blood . Also, it became clear that the lower limit is not sharp because several patients with complaints regarding of B12 deficiency had a blood value between 300 and the 400. They mostly had a very good recovery after an experimental substitution of vitamin B12. One patient had even a value of 450 pmol/l.
o The value of the B12 levels in the blood shows no good parameter to diagnose a functional deficit on tissue or cellular level.
o The provision in the blood of HC and MMA were still worse than the parameters B12 content itself. I have treated many patients despite no abnormal values of HC or  MZZ.
o I am now fully relying in the meantime on my increased knowledge of the disease and bio resonance measurements. I am still very rarely doing blood tests, sometimes if the patient that prefer and sometimes to scientific reasons. 
The causes of B12 deficiency
In 9 of the 10 cases, in my practice Vit. B12 deficit is caused by an autoimmune disease, the patient produces auto-antibodies against the parietalcell and/or against the intrinsic factor. Only a very few times I see a patient who has a B12 deficiency, because he/she is a vegetarian. Sometimes there are other known causes of B12 deficiency, for example post gastrectomy syndrome, or the use of certain medicines. Only very seldom the cause of the deficit remains unknown.
The treatment of B12 deficiency
A: as soon as possible reverse the deficit by injections or oromucosal tablets.
B: Recover the disturbed mechanism for the uptake of vitamin B12 (if possible).
A: as soon as possible reverse the deficit by injections or oromucosal tablets.
By default, it is still common in the Netherlands to treat patients with a shortage of Vit. B12 with injections of hydroxocobalamine 1000mcg ampullae intramuscular. There is often the view amongst doctors that the problem is resolved if the shortage is supplemented. While in most cases, there is a question of Auto-immunity, that normally is not curable. This means that the patients need to continue to receive injections for the rest of their lives, usually 1x by 4-6 weeks. Still a lot of doctors have the view that a B12 deficiency can not be treated with oromucosal tablets. The same opinion is unfortunately also expressed on the site of Hindrik de Jong. There is sufficient scientific evidence collected, particularly in the Scandinavian countries, that a treatment with oromucosal tablets is very effective. And this is confirmed in my practice.
I am treating over  88% of patients with oromucosal tablets with very good results. Because of more serious diseases, usually serious neurological or psychiatric complaints, I choose with the other 12%, for injections because I assume that actually it is the fastest way to eliminate the shortage of Vit. B12.
Methylcobalamine and adenosylcobalamine are the only effective end    metabolites of B12.
Not everyone can methylate: then you can not convert hydroxocobalamine to methylcobalamine.
From the literature it shows that one on ten patients can not methylate, while methylcobalamine is one of the effective end metabolites of B12. Normally in The Netherlands everybody is only substituting with hydroxocobalamine (in the UK they give cyanocobalamine). This would mean that the patient, who cannot methylate don’t improve enough or not at all. You can recognize these patients because they need the injections more often. They are eager for a new injection every two weeks or every week.
In my practice I have found that approximately 90% of the patients cannot methylate. This means that I prescribe in these cases, the so-called Brain B12 oromucosal tablets of Now Foods, with methylcobalamine instead of the hydroxocobalamine which is in most other oromucosal tablets. I have experienced a number of times that patients respond much better to this, especially when they first were given hydroxocobalamine. You can compare that well with each other. If the patient needs a treatment with injection, and he/she may not be able to methylate, then you have a problem because in the Netherlands methylcobalamine in ampullae are not available. In the meantime, I have discovered that I am able to order them on a masterly recipe (with a comprehensive statement of a doctor) through the international pharmacy in Venlo. This pharmacy is ordering the ampullae for the patient in Japan and it takes 3 to 4 weeks. There are only ampullae with 500mcg methylcobalamine while the hydroxocobalamine ampullae in Holland contain 1000mcg. The ampullae cost €7,00 and you have to inject two ampullae at a time. All together a more expensive way and this requirement will not be reimbursed by the health insurance. At this moment I work with ready made injections from Italy which are less expensive.
Treatment scheme Vit B12 injections and oromucosal tablets (lozenges)

Treatment scheme: Methylcobalamine 1500mcg
Week 1 to 3:   2 x per week   1 syringe subcutaneous
Week 4 to 6:            1 x every week                “   
Week 7 to 13:           1 x every 2 weeks           “
 from 14th week:      1x per 3 weeks               “

Treatment prescription  oromucosal tablets (lozenges):
Dissolve 1 tablet of methylcobalamine of 1000mcg oromucosal tablets (100st) once  per day in the mouth. In serious cases you can also give 2 lozenges per day.
You need 6-12 weeks to solve a functional lack of vitamin B12 is. For serious illnesses, I take 6 month to 1 year, striving for the most possible restoration.

Almost always you have to substitute also Folic Acid. I always work also with oromucosal tablets of 1000mcg, the first 6 weeks 2x per day. After 6 weeks once per day is enough. I only wait with the substitution of Folic Acid when the Folic Acid in the blood appeared too high. After 2-3 months it’s always needed to substitute Folic Acid because it’s a cofactor for the functioning of vit.B12.
As vitamin B12 and Folic Acid are water soluble vitamins, there is hardly ever a matter of overdose or intoxication: what you don't need, you usual urinate out of your system. It is possible that allergic reactions occur after the injection of vitamin B12, in particular, if a person is allergic to cobalt, an important  component of hydroxocobalamine. I saw three times that somebody got acne on the forehead as an appearance of the allergy. You can measure this with bio resonance very well before starting the treatment.
With the determination of Vitamin B12 in the blood always also look for Folic Acid
With a blood test to determine a vitamin B12 deficiency, you will always have to determine the Folic Acid substance. Firstly, because fifty % of the patients also has a shortage of folic acid from the beginning. After 2 or 3 months of substitution of B12 almost everybody has lack of Folic Acid too. This needs to be supplemented. Bonusan provides a useful combination reference called Dibencozide Co Enzym B12, an oromucosal tablet which contains both Folic Acid and adenosylcobalamine.
Secondly, you need to look for folic acid because an increased  level of Folic Acid can mask a shortage of vitamin B12.
B: try to recover the disturbed mechanism for the uptake of vitamin B12.

In homeopathy and bio resonance therapy this belongs to the possibilities.
If you follow the regular point of view, you have to realise that once there is of a B12 deficiency through auto-immune problems, there will always be a B12 deficiency. These patients need to be substituted for life. At this moment allergies can not be cured with regular treatment, you can only suppress them with medication. But everybody who works with Bio Resonance knows that you definitely can cure allergies, as well as with a variety of other natural medicine ways. Because of this it occurred to me that it has to be possible to cure auto-immune processes.
I now have over two years of experience and I have succeeded already hundreds of times to stop the formation of antibodies versus the parietal cell and/or to the intrinsic factor. After the recovery of the absorption mechanism I always do an interruption of the B12 suppletion by trial and I keep following the patients intensively. I realise only too well that there will pass a few years, before I can claim this, because it is known that we normally have a very large reserve of vitamin B12 on tissue level, in the liver and the muscles. We must assume that you can rely on the reserve for 2-5 years. So it may take a long time before this problem occurs again.
At the moment I use three ways to try to cure auto immune illnesses. I am treating patients with the mirrored frequencies of the parietal cells and/or the intrinsic factor, with different forms of potentised vit.B12 and with homeopathic remedies that belong to the group of the Lanthanides. The Lanthanides are remedies made of 15 various substances from the periodic table out of the sixth and the seventh row.
Vitamin B12 plays a central role in the human body
Vitamin B12 is required for:
• A normal cell splitting; primary a deficit is reflected in the tissues where the cells split fast, such as the mucous membrane and the bone marrow. It leads to a painful, inflamed, smooth tongue, a worse sense of smell, a worse taste, a gastric mucosa inflammation and a reduced production of white and red blood cells. This last inflammation can lead to an increased risk of infections and/or anaemia (pernicious) .
• A normal metabolism in the intestine; a deficit can lead to diarrhoea and impaired fat-and protein metabolism (this is also often caused by an also occurring Exocrine Pancreas Insufficiency EPI).
This can lead to loss of appetite, nausea and weight loss, tiredness with an increased need for sleep. The last symptoms increase through anaemia and a deteriorating functioning of all the brain and nervous system structures. Also it can cause a reduced fertility.
• A normal performance of all nerves; a deficit in B12 will result in damage of the marrow shaft around the nerves, leading to a loss of function. Long-fibre nerves are earlier affected than the short-fibre nerves: this often leads to a so called Sub-acute Combined Degeneration , a major attack on the anterior and the posterior funiculars (strings) of the spinal cord.
It results in loss of sensitivity and strength. The first symptoms that occur are often sensations in arms, legs or the tongue. However, it can also lead to a loss in sight, less hearing, coordination problems and sometimes it leads to complaints with urinating or faeces.
• A normal brain function; with a vitamin B12 deficit all kinds of complaints can arise such as: loss of concentration and memory, from reduced mental performance to dementia, from apathy to depression, from agitation to aggression, speech problems, from personality changes to psychosis. 
Epidemiologic features of Vit.B12 deficiency
A vitamin B12 deficiency is a disease that over a course of years can occur because we have a proper supply of B12 (1-5 milligram in the liver and the muscles).
And because we do not consume much per day (1-2 mcg per day and 1mg = 1000mcg), it can take the 2-10 years before the problem manifests itself. B12 deficiency is a disease of all ages, 11% of all my patients were children. There are more women (77%) than men in my study but the number of men is getting higher (28%) in the category of more severe cases. Women find the way to my practice more easy than men but when it’s getting more serious the men also have to find their way. In this context it is striking to see that that 57% of all the treated children is masculine. Is this evidence for the suspicion that men have the same incidence of this disease or are the boys more often able to overclimb this problem than the girls.
A vitamin B12 deficit can be a key factor in relapse
In addition to the fact that B12 plays an important role in the formation of blood and keeping  neuron-axons healthy, I have discovered in my practice that Vit. B12 is a very important key in maintaining health. I have already experienced a number of times after treating a patient effectively, in other words that that the patient was released from all occurring strains, including any found allergies. But the improved situation did not maintain.
Later it became clear that this was due to an existing vitamin B12 deficiency. Only if I had cleared the vitamin B12 deficiency,  the patient was capable to maintain healthy. As long as solving the deficiency does not happen, old allergies just came back or new allergies occurred or new infectious diseases appeared. A vitamin B12 deficiency in human species is a key factor, meaning as long as the deficit exist old allergies will come back or new infectious diseases kept developing .
As long as the vitamin B12 deficiency exist old allergic reactions will reappear or new once will develop en the immunity against infection diseases will cut short. So the deficit should be solved completely, there will be no trigger for relapse left. Apart from a vitamin B12 deficiency a Post Vaccination Syndrome (PVS), an EPI, a magnesium deficit and stones in the liver can also be key factors. In my observational analysis these factors appeared to be often occurring co morbidity factors which I always also have been treating.
 Potentised vitamin B12: a homeopathic remedy made of vit.B12
I discovered that, until mid-2007 only cyanocobalamine was available in homeopathic form. Then I have requested Hahnemann pharmacy in Heiloo to prepare two new homeopathic medicines: methylcobalamine and hydroxocobalamine. Both are now available in 30K, 200K and MK. Since then, I build up experience with these two homeopathic medicinal products. Up till now I have looked up a number of themes from the literature.
Besides  my own experience it is important to get much more experience in order to be able to get a “Materia Medica “ view of these remedies. In this moment I also work with aquacobalamine, adenosylcobalamine and nitrocobalamine. The six different forms of vitamin B12 have their own variations of thematics.
The soul power of vitamin B12 (psycho-energetic features)
The following text is a synthesis of information from Chapter 18B about vitamin B12 in the book: Vitamins and minerals, the Mirrors of the soul, part 1 of Truus Hartsink and André Schaap, and my experience in treating many patients with a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Vitamin B12 is the only vitamin with a proper complex formula structure (more complex than of other vit.B nutrients) with a metal atom (cobalt) in the centre and as a result has many parallels with chlorophyll, the constituent in leaves of plants that contributes to the photosynthesis (magnesium in the centre) and with the haemoglobin (iron in the centre)) in human beings, the constituent in blood that connects to oxygen and transports it through the whole body.


4 Pyrrol-rings with Cobalt in the center

Chlorofyll: 4 pyrrol-rings with magnesium in the center
This shows that B12 takes in a very special place in the total metabolism of humans. It has a very important role in very vital life processes. What surprised me during my study on all aspects of B12 is the fact that there is a  special relationship with the Animal Kingdom, because man extract B12 mainly from animal food. So it is said that vegetarians often have a B12 shortages, while many vegetarians and veganists do not want to eat animal meat out of compassion for animals. This is not proved in my practice. Vitamin B12 is not created by plants or animals, but by certain bacteria. Because animals also need B12 for each cell division, their tissues include a lot of B12.  Vitamin B12 has the potential for human beings to help increase awareness so that we can overcome materialistic suffering. Focused on personal growth B12 can help us to grow out of the animal status in us. B12 plays obviously a role in the spirituality or religion of mankind.

Vit. B12 has in the above mentioned book the symbol: Ceres

The top half of this symbol represents a growing awareness.
The Moon symbol represents the ability to reflect: the mother symbol.
The lower half stands for: the “I” in the matter, the Cross on Earth.
In the old Italian mythology Ceres was the goddess of fertility and agriculture. In the Greek mythology Ceres, known as the goddess Demeter, had a daughter Persephone together with Zeus. In her youth, when Persephone was playing on the flourishing of the fields of her mother and she was picking flowers for a crown, quite unexpectedly the Earth split next to her. Pluto, the God of the underworld, emerged from his empire in a chariot with horses. With violence the God abducted Persephone to the dark underworld and made her to his wife. In despair and comfortless Demeter looked all over the Earth to find her missing daughter. Left in anger she let disappear all fertility of the earth so that the human race was threatened by food scarcity. Demeter forced Zeus to pressure his brother Pluto to let return her daughter. Before Pluto send Persephone back he let her eat a pomegranate, containing a potion. This succumbed Persephone to his love. So it happened that Demeters daughter from now on, according to the will of Zeus, lived 2/3 part of each year (in the time that all flourishes and ripens) stays with her mother on Earth. Then, overwhelmed by the love of Pluto, she returned voluntary to the underworld to spend winter time together with her husband.
The Tarot
In the Tarot the strength of vitamin B12 is found on card 12: the pendulum


This provides us with a deeper understanding on the subject of the number 12. The card shows a man hanging from his left foot. He is hanging from a rails that is attached between two tree trunks. The branches have been sawn off. Both of these trees left six stumps behind, they set the twelve characters of the Zodiac (the astrological chard). Through the lessons he has gone through, he learned to look different at the world. Here bye he lets go of his ego and looks with acceptance at the situation in which he is caught. He looks around with the look of a wise man who has learned to let go of anything. The world is still the same, but he has changed. Therefore, at the bottom of this card it says: transizione, this means: transition. Also we find at the bottom of the card: oblio di se, this means: to forget oneself. He has taught to observe with his heart and let go of his expectations and projections to the outside world. So he fulfils from the essence of peace his life whatever the situation in which he is, even if it shows difficult. This card is actually a representation of the purified soul, who has gone through all the 12 initiation roads.
Homeopathic Medicine of potentised vit. B12
People who have a B12 deficiency are often very high in their energy. They are very much focussed on spiritual matters and bear witness of a high awareness, they often have a spiritual mission for themselves and for the whole of humanity. But they are facing serious physical complaints, often of all kinds, but there are usually a lot of allergic complaints, a failing immune system against infectious diseases, and as a result chronic fatigue. With all their mental capabilities and often large creativity their bodies, which are so disappointing, are often a heavy burden (symbolised by the cobalt atom in the B12 molecule). They have a long illness history with all kinds of attempts to cure in both the regular health care and the complementary herbal naturopathy, until ultimately is established that there is a B12 deficiency. The patients who have a need to potentised B12 never succeeded to incarnate very well. They are living there life as if they only stand on one leg in this life and with the other leg they are standing in the astral world. As if they never could say fully yes, to this life, in this body, on this moment and on this planet earth.

Essential themes
Some of the themes, which often exist, are: the theme of the mother or the motherhood, reduced fertility, and it is almost always the theme of: to be or not to be. Often these patients were not wanted as a child or they were not planned or despite a variety of medical complications entered the world. But they lead a life in which they always must fight for their livelihood. Every time there is a new obstacle. In my files there are several casuistic where I, together with the patient, had to go a very long way to find a solution, a very long time without lasting results. Only if the B12 issues are discovered and can be dealt with, then there will be a real breakthrough and the patient really can start his or her life. That looks like this often as a rebirth.
In the differential diagnosis with other homeopathic medicines you can also think of : Lac maternum, Saccharum officinale and Sodium muriaticum. All of these medicines are familiar with the theme of mother. And Hydrogenium, Helium and Graphites are all related to the theme knowing whether or not to choose for this life. Of course, you also have to think of cobalt, which is more familiar with a meaning more focussed on life: to prepair yourself for your task.

The right to be there
Core theme for someone who benefits from potentised vitamin B12 (Vit. B12 as homeopathic medicine) is: the right to exist. This issue can occur in different ways. The patient has been seriously threatened even at the time of the presence in the mother's womb. Most clear example is if there was BLOOD GROUP ANTAGONISM. For example, Rhesus antagonism: The mother is rhesus negative and the child has the rhesus factor, then the mother will produce antibodies against the blood of the child. This is in fact nothing less than the message to the child: you must leave. If this is not recognised in time this will lead to the death of the child. Also other medical complications can occur at the time of pregnancy and/or the birth (e.g. strangulation by the umbilical cord, solutio Placentae and others). Sometimes, there are no medical problems but mentally-emotional conflicts, for example if a child, was conceived unexpected or unwanted. This can lead to big problems, for a long time and often unconsciously. This results in the fight of your life (there has been a sery of articles in de Volkskrant (a famous journal in the Netherlands) with the same title). "I am the child that should not have existed", "the feel as if you are the result of terrible things" are statements of Petra Saive-Smith (36). She pleads her case in the Volkskrant of Monday, 18 August 2008.

Patients according to the mentioned themes can have feelings that it was better if they had not been, feelings that they are never seen or never count. By treating these patients, in addition to the substitution of vitamin B12, with potentised Vit. B12 , they can recover well not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Only then, they can get the feeling that they too are very welcome and have every right to exist. The B12 problems are often a problem of an entire family, e.g. if the blood group antagonism keeps repeating itself. I have known some families through my practice where, for example all boys except one have not survived, for not further examined medical reasons. 
The phenomenon of the lost half of a twin (vanishing twin)
A new variant for me of this issue which I recently (august 2008) discovered is: If one child of a twin has not survived in the mother's womb. This is for the solely born child a quite large unconscious trauma, with emotional feelings of guilt, loneliness, unexplained unfulfilled desire for unity. There is a good book concerning this fenomenon: the Tragedy in the mother's womb, the lost half of a twin, Alfred Ramoda and Bettina Austermann (from Berlin, Germany), Akasha publishing, ISBN 978, 2008-77247-90-67-9 (In Dutch). This fenomenon is not seldom. In this moment only 1% of all the new births is delivering a twin while Austermann has discovered, by good help of a Belgian gynaecologist, that 10% of all the pregnancies start as a twin (or a triplet or a quadruplet). So, in 9% of all the pregnancies a lost half of a twin is the case mostly while the parents didn’t know this. I discovered that all the patients with the suspicion of having a lost half of a twin develop a problem with vitamin B12. It is almost always leading to existentialistic, psychological problems which in my practice are being treated very well with potentised vit.B12.

In the meantime I have built up a lot of experience with 6 different forms of potentised vitamin B12. They are all very important for patients who have problems with being here in this body on this earth. And when I have enough time I am also looking forward to the result of potentised chlorofyl and potentised haemoglobin.

Diagnostic Criteria
As one of the results of my extended Observational Analysis of 540 patients I was able to crystallise new diagnostic criteria for making the diagnosis of vitamin B12 deficiency.
There are much more signs and symptoms than the classical Symptomatology of Pernicious Anaemia and the Sub-acute Combined Degeneration.
A criteria:
o Chronic Fatigue
o Disturbances of cerebral cognitive functions:
• Concentration weakness
• Weakness of memory
• Confusion
• Disturbance in finding the right words
o Allergies reappearing after effective homeopathy or Bio resonance therapy (with Bio resonance diagnostics I find much more allergies than with regular diagnostics)
o Failing Immune Response now or in the passed:
• Recurring infectious diseases.
• Badly healing wounds
• Infections (or even abscess)
• Parodontitis (bleeding)
o Anaemia now or in the patient history (bad reacting on iron supply)
o Paresis or paralysis of the arms or the legs.
o Very sensitive and passionate patients (the physical body is a heavy burden). Very long patient histories, they visited many doctors without lasting result.
o Dementia
o Psychosis
o Autism

o Alopecia (loss of hair) and cripple nails
o Disturbed sensibility: Numbness, Tingling and/or Par aesthesia in arms or legs, or tongue (burning).
o Twitching in the muscles (also caused by magnesium deficiency)
o Disturbed vision (without a proper interpretation)
o Sub fertility
o Miscarriages
o The phenomenon of the lost half of a twin.
o Depression.
o Depersonalisation and Disorientation
• The diagnosis is probable with three A Criteria and two B Criteria.
• The probability is getting higher with climbing the total number of criteria.
• You have to consider the diagnosis seriously with a blood rate of B12 lower than 300 pmol/L but a rate between 300 and 500 doesn’t exclude the diagnosis. You have to overlook the Symptomatology much more than the blood rates. When the Folic Acid rate is too high a vit.B12 deficiency is masked.
• Rating Homocysteine(HC) and Methyl Malonic Acid)(MMA) in the blood in my practice didn’t appear more reliable than the rate of B12 by itself. They didn’t help me to differentiate. I have no experience with the determination of HC and MMA in gathered urine for 24 hours as is advised by Sally Pacholok in her book: Could it be B12?. It should have a higher predictive value in diagnosing B12 deficiency.
The treatment of B12 deficiency:
o 88% of all my patients reacted very well on the substitution of vit.B12 by oromucosal tablets (lozenges).

o You should better always give methylcobalamine or adenosylcobalamine because these are the effective end metabolites of vitamin B12. When you give hydroxocobalamine or cyanocobalamine the patient has to be able to methylate (to alter hydroxo-, or cyanocobalamine in methylcobalamine). The former literature sais that 10% of the patients is not able to do so, in my practice 90% is not able.

o You should almost always also substitute Folic Acid, I always work with oromucosal tablets. It is not needed when a patient showed a blood rate that is too high. But in my case study everybody showed a lack of Folic Acid after 2-3 months of B12 substitution.

o I treated the 12% more severe cases (with already clinical manifest signs of demyelinisation or psychiatric cases) with methylcobalamine syringes subcutaneously (1500mcg) which I order out of Italy.

o In cases of doubt you can always start an experimental treatment , even an obvious allergy for cobalt is not a hindrance for therapy. Only a few patients reacted on the therapy with acne on the forehead. This was for me no reason to interrupt the therapy. Always make a blood rate of vit.B12 and Folic Acid before starting the therapy. After substitution of vit.B12 it is of no use to make new blood rates, they are always becoming high but have no significance for the level in the tissues or cells. You only have to make a follow up of the Symptomatology.

Hans Reijnen, doctor for Homeopathy and Bio Resonance Therapy

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