The Center

The workers in Mens Sana offer patients and clients Health Care out of a Holistic point of vieuw. We always want to see the patient in totality, in the unity of body, mind and soul.

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The Logo of our Center

At the one side we offer Medical Health Care in the total field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine with centers of gravity in Classical Homeopathy, Ortho Molecular Medicine and Bio-Information Therapy.

At the other side we offer Psycho-Energetic Therapy and paramedical support therapies as Aromatherapy, Bach and Flower Remedies and Holistic Pulsing.

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Mens Sana, Center for Integrated Medicine, is participating in scientific research into the effects of all the treatments. We are continuously reporting about all the results in “the Mens Sana Berichten” a news letter (in Dutch) that appears three monthly. We are also continuously practicing developing sciences theory in fysical health care as well as in mental health care. We are spending much time and energy in offering a lot of information about existing ways of treating and about new ways of healing.


Curriculum vitae Hans Reijnen, M.D. for Classical Homeopathy (VHAN) and Bio-Information Therapy (ABB):

General Practitioner 1984 – 1995
Classical Homeopathy since 1988 – Inspiring Homeopathy (developed by Tinus Smits, M.D)
Ortho Molecular Medicine since 1998
Basic Course “School voor Zijnsoriëntatie” van Hans Knibbe (2000-2003)
Bio Fysical Medicine and Bio Information Therapy since 2005
BNS Therapy: considered and developed by himself since 2006
BNS Homeopathy - Homeopathy 2012, since 2008 


Mens Sana, Center for Integrated Medicine

Ferdinand Bolstraat 8

5753 BL Deurne,   Netherlands

Tel: 0031493-319000



Januari 2011